40 Book Challenge

     This year our class is taking on the 40 book challenge.  This means we will be keeping track of all the books we read and trying to reach a goal of 40 books each.  This sounds like a lot of reading, but students will have reading time in class and should be reading at home every night as well.  If they use their reading time wisely this goal can be easily reached.  All students are expected to participate, but this activity will not be graded.  Parents are welcome to join us in this challenge and can use the form below to track their personal reading.

Why are we taking the 40 book challenge?

     The purpose of the challenge is to get students reading lots of different types of books and to instill a love for reading.  Students will choose what they read and document their completed reading in class.

Which books can we read?
     There are a few genre requirements students must complete during the year (see table to the right).  These genres can be read in any order.  Aside from fulfilling these requirements during the year students can choose whatever books they want to read provided the book is on their reading level.  This does not mean students cannot read a picture book, but they need to choose picture books that are on a fourth grade reading level.  For instance: Jumanji by Chris Van Allsburg could be a good choice but Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss is below level for 4th grade students.  

     Students can choose books to read from the class library, school library, public library, or from your collection at home.  A book that is over 300 pages will count as 2 books.   Each book must be read by the student.  Books they read during reading groups will count, but books read aloud to the student at home or in class do not count.  Books read along with an audio book count only if the student follows along in the book with the audio for the entire book.