Week 3

posted Sep 4, 2015, 4:02 PM by LeAnn Andrews
Upcoming Events
Monday, September 7 - Labor Day - No School
Friday, September 11 - School Pictures
Wednesday, September 16 - 1/2 day - Students leave school at noon
Tuesday, September 22 - Diamond Fork Field Trip
Week of September 28 - No TV Week

Our first couple of quizzes have been this week and will soon be in the grade-book.  Students Math and Science assessment grades are based on student mastery of a list of skills as shown by a 1 (remedial level - we need to relearn this topic), 2 (near mastery level - getting there, needs practice) or 3 (mastery level - got it!). A 0 means that student either didn't turn in their quiz that morning or didn't put their name on it. Skill mastery will be determined by unit tests and daily quizzes. Assessment grades will reflect the student’s latest score for each topic which means that the next time we take a quiz on a listed topic the student's previous score will be replaced with their newest score.

All of our 4th Grade Rats wrote paragraphs to describe the pictures that they drew of themselves.


Because Everyone turned in their first week of homework on time and in their red folders we all got a treat from Grandma today, but a few people forgot their homework today.  I would like to again encourage you to have your child turn in whatever homework they have finished by Friday on Friday, even if it means missing a point or two, and then start fresh the next week.   Homework quickly becomes overwhelming when weeks pile on top of each other and students usually end up with a better grade overall if they get the chance to start over and do better on a weekly basis. So far most of our homework is looking great!

We drew pictures of kookaburras and here are some of my favorites.

Our school is also excited to offer an extracurricular robotics program through UVU.  Enrollment is limited and given on a first come, first served basis.  For more information, inquire at the front office Tuesday morning.

Proud of Alek today when he stopped in the hall to help a fellow student pick up his folder full of "stuff'" that had fallen on the floor.

Enjoy your long weekend!