Class Information

Teacher Contact

Email is the most reliable way to contact me.  I read my email every morning before school starts.  Class newsletters with upcoming information will be emailed to parents on Friday and also posted to our class website.  Unless there is an emergency, please do not call the classroom during school hours. You may leave a message with the office and they will be sure that I receive it.

Mrs. LeAnn Andrews - Room 24



Brookside Elementary


750 E. 400 S. Springville, UT

Class Website

  Our class website is where class announcements and newsletters will be posted.  From here you can check your student's grades, check our class calendar for upcoming events, sign up for a time to volunteer in our classroom, find help pages for math and science, follow our class blog, find book order information, or reprint lost homework coversheets.  Please explore it and become familiar with the resources there.

Take Home Folders

  A red folder will be sent home every Friday with homework and other information.  This is our first line of communication.  Please check it for important papers.  If you need to send a note to me, please place it in this folder and remind your student to put it on my desk in the morning.

Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible to use the restroom and get a drink in the hall before and after school, during recess and lunch, and during our morning break.  Students are welcome to use the restroom during class time provided that they sign out before leaving the room, however, students who miss class time to use the restroom will be expected to make up the class time missed during their free time (recess).

Students are also expected to keep track of their own pencils, eraser, whiteboard marker, whiteboard eraser, writing pens, and crayons.  I will supply these items at the beginning of the year.


We will be celebrating each student's birthday on their birthday or if it is over a weekend or holiday then it will be a date close to their birthday.  Summer birthdays will be celebrated right at the first of the year so they can feel included in our celebration.  Please check the calendar so that you know the date of your student’s celebration.

You are allowed to bring a treat to share with the class but remember that if you bring something to eat that it must be commercially packaged.  We have 28 students in our class currently but this could change throughout the year so check with your student before their celebration day.  On their special day students are given a homework pass to use anytime during the year.  (Don't lose it!)



    Homework includes spelling, reading, writing, science and math activities that students should be able to complete mostly unassisted.  Homework coversheets, math pages, and writing paper are sent home every Friday and are due the following Friday unless otherwise noted.  Math pages should be kept at home as a resource.  Other assignments should be completed and returned with the cover sheet in the student’s take-home folder.

     The math fact practice that is part of homework requires access to an online program called XtraMath.  We will practice using this program in class the first week of school so all students will be able to access their account.  Students may access XtraMath at home, in class before the first bell rings at 8:55, or at the public library.

Language Arts

  In language arts much of the grade is based on participating in class.  Along with participation, student’s Language Arts grade will be determined by performance on reading and writing assignments as well as weekly spelling tests and assignments.

Math and Science Assessments

        Students Math and Science assessment grades are based on student mastery of a list of skills as shown by a 1 (remedial level), 2 (near mastery level) or 3 (mastery level).  Skill mastery will be determined by unit tests and daily quizzes.  Assessment grades will reflect the student’s latest score for each topic.

Google Apps

    As a part of our learning this year, we will be using Google Apps for Education, enhancing students’ ability to access, collaborate, and share what they have been learning in school.

        The Google Apps account includes access to Email, Docs, and Calendar, and will

        ·         provide online file storage space available anytime, anywhere

        ·         allow teachers and students to share files

        ·         allow for collaboration among students

        ·         provide teachers additional ways to assess student learning

        ·         allow teachers to provide discreet and effective differentiated instruction

Parent Involvement

        As a parent you have access to your child’s Google Apps for Education account, which is accessed using their Aspire student number and password.

     You may change your child’s password at any time from the Nebo Parent Home page ( by doing the following:

1.      Click on “Change a Child’s Password”

2.      Log in to your parent Aspire/SIS account (please check with the school secretary if you do not know your username or password).

3.      Select the child for whom you want to change the password

4.      Create and confirm the new password.

     Please note the same password will enable your child to log on to school computers, access Aspire/SIS, and sign in to Google Apps.  Students must know their password to be able to use the computers at school.