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Do extra math 1st then Newsela

Newsela article in your binder.

Giant pumpkins grow fast!

If you can't remember directions they are below

Today we will be reading and taking quizzes on one Newsela articles.
- Go to Newsela under the student tab.
- Click on Sign in, it is in the top left corner.
- Type in your class number, underscore and name like this example "00_First name"
- Type in your password --> brookside1
- Click on Binder next to your name  -->  Hi First name [Sign Out]          Binder
- Under Your Progress is Your Work

Choose --> 

Giant pumpkins grow fast!

    On the right hand side change the Lexile level to 580L
     Read the article and take the quiz (It is only 4 questions)
         Click on the numbers to move between the question numbers.
          Click SUBMIT after answering all 4 questions
         When it says "Lets Review"  you should REVIEW your answers that you missed.

     Change the Lexile level to the next high level 
     Read the article and take the quiz

If you get a 0% stop otherwise keep reading all 4 levels the levels until the top level (NOT MAX level)